Kent Dems Issues Statement In Support Of Starbucks Unions

Below is the full text of a letter sent to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan by KCDP Chair Kim Gates:

Dear Mr. Narasimhan,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Kent County Democratic Party to express
our support for the workers at the Starbucks location at 2480 Burton St. SE in
Grand Rapids, Michigan, who have organized under Starbucks Workers
United. As you are aware, this store was the first in Michigan to unionize on
May 13, 2022, marking a significant step forward for labor rights within our

It has come to our attention that despite the establishment of the union, the
store, along with 400 others across the nation representing over 10,000
workers, has yet to secure a contractual agreement with Starbucks
Corporation. We understand from recent statements, including those you
have made, that there is now an openness to negotiate with the union. We
commend this willingness as a positive development towards fair labor

The Kent County Democratic Party firmly believes in the power of union
solidarity and the fundamental rights of workers to negotiate for fair wages,
benefits, and protections. These elements are essential not only to the well-
being of the workers and their families but also to the broader goal of
expanding the middle class, which remains a core tenet of our party’s

We respectfully urge you to engage in good faith negotiations with Starbucks
Workers United to finalize a fair and just contract for the workers at the Grand
Rapids location and beyond. Such an agreement would not only benefit the
employees but would also set a commendable precedent for labor relations

A copy of this letter will also be shared with the local and national offices of
Starbucks Workers United to affirm our support for their efforts.
Thank you for considering this matter seriously. We look forward to your
positive action, which will undoubtedly enhance the reputation of Starbucks
as a progressive and socially responsible employer.


Kim Gates
Chair, Kent County Democratic Party

View a downloadable PDF version here: