Kent Dems PRIDE

Happy Pride Month!

Kent County Democrats are proud and strong as we step fully into this campaign season and step up our activities. Like the Pride flag, we continue to see democratic dedication and diversity shine with the brilliance of a rainbow — each color representing our vibrant coalition and the unique perspectives we value under our BIG Tent.

June is all about celebrating the progress we made to protect and lift up the LGBTQIA+ community. From recent legislative wins to the history and leadership of activists like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, there’s so much to celebrate and recognize this month.

We should be proud to live in a state where Michigan Democrats are working to expand civil rights and protections. Since Michigan Democrats took control of the state legislature, Democrats have:

  • Officially declared June as Pride Month through a proclamation signed by Governor Whitmer
  • Passed legislation to protect LGBTQIA+ youth and ban conversion therapy
  • Expanded the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to protect LGBTQ+ Michiganders from discrimination in housing, the workplace, and in the larger community
  • Established the first statewide LGBTQ+ commission to address issues facing Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community

Michigan Democrats are leading our state to expand and protect civil rights for all Michiganders, which is why we must come together to make sure Democrats — up AND down the ballot — can continue to lead our great state and local governments.

Here in Kent County we are proud to have SEVEN candidates from our Pride Caucus running for office! This is a fantastic representation of the diversity in our community and another sign of progress.

Currently, the Victory Institute lists only two out LGBTQ+ elected officials in Kent County – and one of them is retiring. With these seven on the ballot*, that could very well change:

A complete list of candidates* appearing on summer primary ballots in Kent County can be found here. The Kent Dems celebrates each of these candidates* for stepping up to serve in elected roles and for their willingness to put in the work of campaigning.

Will you step up too and help out?

When we come together, we win together. And we need to win BIG in November. We must elect Democrats who are ready to fight for LGBTQIA+ Michiganders at every level of our democratic society. We need Democrats to serve on Kent County’s city, township and county-wide boards and judiciary as well as in Michigan’s state legislature, U.S. Congress, and the White House.

Stand with us in this fight for freedom and protection of our rights! Become a Kent Dems member, join the Michigan Dems, consider a donation, get involved as a volunteer, and, most importantly, VOTE in primaries on August 6 and on election day in November!

*DISCLAIMER: Any candidate announcement here DOES NOT constitute an endorsement from the Kent County Democratic Party. We aim to show widespread support for candidates in the primary process and remain neutral in partisan and nonpartisan *primary* elections.