In The News: KCDP State Of The Union Watch Party

Last night, President Biden laid out his vision for our future. He delivered a powerful speech with great ideas and strong calls to action. With Vice President Harris and our Democratic Members of Congress by our side, we will continue to thrive and grow.

Thank you to our very own Scott Urbanowski and Chris Herweyer who gave interviews to Fox 17 and WWMT 3 talking about the strengths of President Biden’s speech and his administration.

We are Democrats, proud and strong. Like President Biden said: “We never back down, we never surrender.”

When we take back a majority in the House and maintain our majority in the Senate, and send President Biden and Vice President Harris back to Washington, DC this November, it will be thanks to a lot of hard work of, by, and for the people.

When we organize, we win!

See what other key Michigan voices are saying about last night’s SOTU via the Michigan Democratic Party.