Voter Guide

Here’s your 2022 guide to voting in Kent County in 3 easy steps. Click here for more information on all of our local Democratic and Endorsed Candidates.

1. Vote ‘Straight Party Ticket

Voting Democratic Party under ‘Straight Party Ticket’ guarantees that you will vote for all Democratic candidates on the ballot. This applies to Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Board of Education, University of Michigan Regent, Michigan State University Trustee, and Wayne State University Board. This does NOT apply to Michigan Supreme Court, city races, and ballot measures (those are handled in the next steps).

2. Vote for non-partisan candidates

Michigan Supreme Court

  • Justice Richard Bernstein
  • Kyra Harris Bolden

Click here for City of Grand Rapids races

Click here for School Board races

3. Vote on Michigan Ballot Proposals

  • YES on Proposal 22-1 – Changes to Term Limits and Financial Disclosure for State Officials
  • YES on Proposal 22-2 – Voting Rights Amendment
  • YES on Proposal 22-3 – Reproductive Freedom for All Amendment

Local Democratic and Endorsed Candidates


State Senate

State House

County Commission

Grand Rapids City Commission

Grand Rapids Public School Board

East Grand Rapids Public School Board

Forest Hills Public School Board

Kentwood Public School Board