Become A Precinct Delegate

What’s the difference between a Precinct Delegate and a Precinct Captain?

Precinct Delegate is the easiest job you’ll ever volunteer for. You don’t have to go to meetings or make phone calls or knock on doors. You just need to put your name on a ballot. It’s your chance to make it official: “I’m a Democrat and I’m proud of it.”

Depending on population, some precincts can elect two or three Democrat precinct delegates. We need to register more than 500 precinct delegates by May 7 so we can have the maximum number of Democrat delegates on the ballot in every precinct in Kent County. 

We will have a special Voter Education Session on precinct delegates from 6-7 p.m. April 10 before the next monthly meeting at the Dem headquarters. You can complete the necessary paperwork — an affidavit of identity and receipt of filing — and get that paperwork notarized by Joan Long, who will be available to answer any questions.

If you want to do more in your precinct — organize your neighbors and get the vote out — we will also have a table where Rich Thrush will explain the Precinct Captain’s job and give you an opportunity to sign up for training.  Rich says walking for Democrats increases the vote 8 percent. 

Delegate or captain—your precinct needs you.

Precinct Power: What is a Precinct?

  • A precinct is the basic unit of voters. Your precinct determines your polling place. Everyone who votes at your polling place lives in your precinct. 
  • You can find your precinct number and polling place on your voter registration card or online at 
  • There are 251 precincts in Kent County and we want at least one Democrat Precinct Delegate on the ballot in every one of them. 
  • Every election begins at the precinct. If you want to win the election, you’ve got to win the precincts.

Delegate or captain—your precinct needs you.